Big success of Dauphine Digital Days

The second edition of Dauphine Digital Days, organized in partnership with PR[AI]RIE, La French Tech Grand Paris, Sciences et Avenir and Les Echos, was a great success!

Over 700 people attended these three days of conferences at Université Paris Dauphine – PSL. AI and its impact on law, health, finance, the media and business were discussed in a multi-disciplinary approach by some fifty speakers, including academic experts, institutions and players from the socio-economic sector.

 The Dauphine Digital Days ended with a prize-giving ceremony for the best scientific poster and an evening event.

Replay videos of the event can be found here.


Cordelia Schmid in “Le Monde”

Following the presentation of Körber European Science Prize 2023 to Cordelia Schmid on 8 September, we invite you to read an article that appeared recently in "Le Monde".

Awarded annually, the Körber European Science Prize honours a distinguished scientist actively conducting research in the fields of either Life Sciences or Physical Sciences in Europe.

Cordelia Schmid is a pioneer in computer-aided image processing. She developed revolutionary new procedures that enable computers to understand image content. Thanks to her algorithms, AI can locate a motif or an object in a database of images within a fraction of a second.


Prix de Mme Victor Noury/Fondation de l’Institut de France for Rayan Chikhi

Rayan Chikhi, PR[AI]RIE chair, has been awarded the "Prix de Mme Victor Noury/Fondation de l'Institut de France".

The annual prize of the Institut de France is awarded to French nationals aged 45 or under, on the recommendation of the Académie des Sciences, to encourage the development of science in its most diverse forms.

Rayan Chikhi heads the “Algorithms for biological sequences” team at the Institut Pasteur. He is interested in computer science applied to DNA sequencing data. He recently contributed to the discovery of new species of RNA viruses, including previously unrecorded coronaviruses. He is coordinating a number of national and European research projects to develop new algorithms, particularly for analysing huge databases containing all of the Earth’s genetic diversity.

The video of the awards ceremony, which took place under the dome of the Institut de France on 17 October, is available here. Congratulations!


2023 French Young Talent award for Virginie Do

Virginie Do, a former PR[AI]RIE/Meta PhD student, is one of the recipients of the 2023 French Young Talent award for Women in Science.

Crédit photo : Clémence Losfeld

Every year, the L’Oréal-Unesco Young French Talent Award for Women in Science recognises 35 talented women scientists at PhD and post-doctoral levels, with the purpose to encourage more scientific vocations in the next generation and to combat gender inequalities in science.

Virginie Do is a former PhD student in computer science at META and the Laboratoire d’Analyse et de Modélisation de Systèmes pour l’Aide à la Décision (LAMSADE). This award recognizes her PhD research on Responsible AI.



College de France annual chair for Benoît Sagot

Benoît Sagot has been elected to hold the annual chair in informatics and digital sciences of the Collège de France for the academic year 2023/24.

Created in partnership with Inria, the annual chair in Informatics and Digital Sciences reflects a shared desire to highlight the importance of this scientific discipline and the need to give it its rightful place.

Benoît Sagot’s current research focuses on language models, machine translation, the development of linguistic resources and computational linguistics, with a particular interest in French in all its variety and in less resourced languages. His course for 2023-2024 will provide an overview of this fast-changing discipline and the challenges it faces.

More information.


Amazing record: 16 gold medals at the Computer Olympiad 2023

Congratulations to Tristan Cazenave, PR[AI]RIE chair, and Quentin Cohen-Solal, postdoc PR[AI]RIE, who have won 16 gold medals at the 25th Computer Olympiad!

This way they have beaten their own record from 2021!

Quentin Cohen-Solal and Tristan Cazenave are winners in the following games: Amazons, Arimaa, Ataxx, Breakthrough, Canadian Draughts, Chinese Chess, Clobber, Havannah (8×8), Havannah (10×10), Hex (11×11), Hex (13×13), Hex (19×19), Lines of Action, Othello (10×10), Santorini.

Full results from the Computer Olympiad are available here.


Internet Defence Prize 2023 for Prairie Researchers

A paper "TreeSync: Authenticated Group Management for Messaging Layer Security" co-authored by Prairie researchers Théophile Wallez and Karthikeyan Bhargavan won both the Distinguished Paper Award and the prestigious Internet Defense Prize at the 32nd Usenix Security Symposium held in Anaheim CA between August 8-11 2023.

Karthikeyan Barghavan

This work presents a formal specification and security proof for an important component of the new Messaging Layer Security Protocol (MLS) standard and represents several years of collaboration with the IETF MLS working group.

Théophile Wallez is a PhD student in the Prosecco team at Inria Paris. His work is funded by PR[AI]RIE and focuses on the formal security and privacy analysis of large-scale multi-party cryptographic protocols.

Karthikeyan Bhargavan is Directeur de Recherche at Inria Prosecco and a Prairie Chaire. He is currently on a leave of absence to work on Cryspen, a Prairie Startup and associated partner that builds high-assurance security software for use in multiple domains, including privacy-preserving machine learning.

You can read the paper here.

About the Internet Defense Prize.


SAVE THE DATE : Dauphine Digital Days 2e édition

Dauphine Digital Days, 2e édition
du 20 au 22 novembre 2023
Santé, droit, éthique, économie, finance, médias…
IA et société : nouvelle donne, nouveaux enjeux

L’Université Paris Dauphine – PSL, en partenariat avec l’Institut 3IA PRAIRIE, vous invite à la 2e édition du cycle de conférences dédié à l’intelligence artificielle et ses impacts sur la société

Programme des conférences :

  • Quels régimes de régulation des données pour entraîner les intelligences artificielles ? – Lundi 20 nov. (14h-18h)
  • IA & Médias, quand tout s’accélère – Mardi 21 nov. (9h-12h)
  • Quelle utilisation de l’IA par les juristes ? – Mardi 21 nov. (14h-18h)
  • IA génératives : quels enjeux pour le futur du travail ? – Mardi 21 nov. (18h) par les entreprises du Cercle Dauphine Numérique, en partenariat avec la House of Entrepreneurship
  • Évaluation et régulation des services de santé numériques – Mercredi 22 nov. (9h-12h)
  • Blockchain et finance décentralisée – Mer. 22 nov. (14h-18h)

Et la Soirée Dauphine Digital Days avec la remise de Prix du meilleur poster scientifique – Mercredi 22 nov. (18h-22h)

Découvrir l’événement


PR[AI]RIE partners Llama 2

France has entered in the generative AI race, whose flagships are large language models. Convinced that open science is the path to a more inclusive and responsible AI, beneficial to society, Prairie is proud to be partnering Meta’s initiative through 3 of its researchers Jamal Atif, Jean Ponce, Benoît Sagot alongside the other partners on the occasion of the launch of Llama2, a completely open language model.

More info.


Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur for Isabelle Ryl, PR[AI]RIE Director

We’re happy to announce that by decree of the President of the Republic on July 13, 2023, Isabelle Ryl, PR[AI]RIE Director, has been named Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur (Knight of the Legion of Honour) in recognition of her 24-years service.

Congratulations on this well-deserved honor!

See the list of all nominees here.

Sonio raises $14 million to revolutionize prenatal care

Outstanding news from our associated partner Sonio!

Sonio has raised $14 million in the Series A fundraising (the next round of funding after the seed funding). This significant investment will allow Sonio to launch sales in the United States, accelerate R&D to advance in imaging and genomics capabilities and adapt their innovative technology for portable ultrasound devices and Point of Care.

Congratulations to the whole team!

Listen to the interview with Cécile Brosset, CEO and Co-founder of Sonio.


Great success of AI4Health Summer School

More than 300 participants, coming from over 25 countries, took part both onsite and online, in the last edition of AI4Health Summer School.

The AI4health summer school was co-organized by the Health Data Hub and the Interdisciplinary Institutes for Artificial Intelligence (3IA): MIAI (Grenoble), 3IA Côte d’Azur (Nice) and PR[AI]RIE (Paris). 

Aimed at students (first/second year masters, PhD), post-docs, academics, members of public institutions, and professionals, it took place both at PariSanté Campus, Paris and online from July 3rd to 7th, 2023.

This Summer School covered the latest advances in the field of AI and data science applied to health. It started with three days of plenary sessions with lectures and use cases, led by international speakers, accessible on site and online. They were followed by two days of hands-on practical sessions, led by experts, for the on-site participants only.


Céline Beji, one of the winners of i-PhD competition

Launched in 2019 by the government in partnership with BPI France, i-PhD is a competition that aims to attract doctoral students and young PhDs to promote their work with a view of creating Deeptech start-ups. For its 4th edition, 50 young PSL researchers have been rewarded, including 6 from PSL University. They will benefit from 12 months of support to explore their research subject from a completely different angle.

Céline Beji leads the MyTreatment project, which originates from the LAMSADE laboratory, Dauphine – PSL, and is supported by PSL Valorisation.

Every year, the number of detected cancer cases increases, as do the treatment options available to deal with them, such as surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapies. All these treatments have the disadvantage of having serious side-effects and being very costly, but above all they have variable effects depending on the individual. The challenge is to find the most appropriate treatment for each patient, using personalised medicine. MyTreatment proposes to put the latest advances in causal inference at the service of doctors, by creating tools to help them prescribe anti-cancer treatments on an individualised basis.

Congratulations Céline!

More information


Anita Burgun elected for the 2023 class of IAHSI Fellows

The International Academy of Health Sciences Informatics (IAHSI) has announced the 2023 class of Academy Fellows. Anita Burgun, PR[AI]RIE chair, has been elected as one of the fellows.

The International Academy of Health Sciences Informatics (IAHSI) serves as an honor society that recognizes expertise in biomedical and health informatics internationally and is one of the highest honors in the field. Its goal is to promote the dissemination of knowledge and best practices, foster new ideas, and encourage worldwide collaboration and sharing of expertise and resources.


More information

Honorary doctorate by the University of Edinburgh for Justine Cassell

Justine Cassell was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Edinburgh for her contributions to the field of informatics and in particular her groundbreaking work on conversational agents.

The ceremony took part on 4th July. Congratulations on this great achievement!


Körber European Science Prize 2023 for Cordelia Schmid

We are happy to announce that PR[AI]RIE chair Cordelia Schmid has been awarded Körber European Science Prize 2023.

Awarded annually, the Körber European Science Prize honours a distinguished scientist actively conducting research in the fields of either Life Sciences or Physical Sciences in Europe.

Cordelia Schmid is a pioneer in computer-aided image processing. She developed revolutionary new procedures that enable computers to understand image content. Thanks to her algorithms, AI can locate a motif or an object in a database of images within a fraction of a second.


More information


2023 ACM SIGMETRICS Achievement Award for Laurent Massoulié

Laurent Massoulié, PR[AI]RIE chair and a member of DYOGENE team at Inria, has been awarded the 2023 ACM SIGMETRICS Achievement Award in recognition of his contributions to the theory and practice of large-scale distributed networks and systems.

The research interests of Laurent Massoulié include unsupervised learning, distributed machine learning, modeling and algorithmic design for distributed systems and networks. His work has led to significant advancements in the field, particularly in the areas of congestion control, P2P networks and epidemic processes, community detection, and distributed optimization for federated learning. This research has provided critical insights into fundamental performance trade-offs and resolution of open problems, and allowed for the design of new algorithms for distributed control of systems.

His work has been influential and transformative, not just within the SIGMETRICS community, but also in other communities such as applied mathematics, theoretical computer science, and information theory.

More information


AVATAR MEDICAL receives FDA Clearance for its Virtual Reality Surgical Planning Solution

Avatar Medical is one of the associated partners of PR[AI]RIE. The FDA clearance for their virtual reality (VR) surgical planning solution marks a major milestone for the team and is a game-changer for the medical field.

AVATAR MEDICAL helps surgeons better prepare their procedures through the use of virtual reality representations or avatars of their patients. More than 100 surgeons from 20 different hospitals and universities, including UMass Chan Medical School, The City University of New York, and Columbia University, have benefited from the solution.

To date, it has been used for case studies, student education, and patient engagement, leading to 6 medical publications. The FDA clearance paves the way for surgeons to adopt the solution in the treatment of their patients.

More information.


First French Congress on AI in Biomedical Imaging – IABM 2023

On March 30-31, more than 200 participants from all over France attended the 1st French Congress on AI in Biomedical Imaging (IABM 2023).

The IABM Congress was co-organized by three 3IA Institutes: 3IA Côte d’Azur (Marco Lorenzi, Ellen Van Obberghen-Schilling), MIAI (Florence Forbes, Benjamin Lemasson) and PR[AI]RIE (Olivier Colliot, Laure Fournier, Thomas Walter).

The event was honoured by the participation of Cédric Villani who moderated the session on the future of AI in biomedicine.

The Congress gathered attendees from all over the country: from Rennes to Bordeaux, from Reims to Marseille, from Brest to Strabourg, from Tours to Dijon, from Nantes to Toulouse and many more… The conference was already full just 10 days after the registration opened. This highlights the strength of the French community in this field. Future editions will need more space!


New tool in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease

Don’t miss the latest article by the team of PR[AI]RIE chair, Stanley Durrlemann, published in the Nature Communications. It presents a new powerful tool in the fight against Alzheimer's disease: AD Course Map.

This statistical model forecasts the progression of Alzheimer’s disease several years in advance, using only the current medical data of a patient at an early stage of the disease. With testing on over 96,000 cases from 4,600 patients in 4 continents, the accuracy of this model is unmatched.

Not only is AD Course Map unbiased with regard to sex and geographical origin, but it is also robust to missing data. This allows us to make more informed and timely decisions about the best time to test new treatments in patients. In fact, the team has shown that using AD Course Map can decrease the required sample size by up to 50% in clinical trials!

At its core, AD Course Map will help us care for patients earlier and better, by anticipating disease progression and empowering both patients and care teams with the information they need to make the best decisions.

Read full article here.