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Short bio

Thomas Walter received his PhD from the Centre for Mathematical Morphology, Mines Paris-Tech. After 6 years of work at the EMBL Heidelberg, he joined the Centre for Computational Biology (CBIO, Mines ParisTech) in 2012. Since 2018, he is director of the CBIO and codirector of the department “Cancer and Genome: Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Epidemiology of Complex Systems» (Institut Curie / Mines ParisTech / INSERM).

Topics of interest

Computer Vision, Bioimage Informatics, Histopathology, High Content Screening

Project in Prairie

Thomas Walter will work on problems in bioimage analysis. The main challenge he will address is to overcome massive annotations, which are often required for state-of-the-art computer vi-sion methods, but which seem unrealistic for many bioimaging projects. For this, he will investi-gate the experimental generation of ground truth data, weak supervision and image simulation. He will work on applications in fundamental cell biology, drug screening and histopathology.


Large-scale imaging approaches in biology and medicine are about to revolutionize basic life sciences and healthcare. Complementary to molecular approaches, they allow us to explore the spatial, morphological and multi-scale aspects of living systems. Artificial intelligence is the key technology today to transform this data deluge into knowledge. In this field, one of the major challenges for the next years is to overcome the need for massive annotation.


BONTE Thomas
BONTE Thomas
PhD student
Ingénieur Civil des Mines de Paris – Mines ParisTech

LAZARD Tristan
LAZARD Tristan
PhD student
Master 2 Mathematics and applications, UPMC