AI Day in partnership with France Digitale

Paris, Station F, 4 April 2024

The Programme

© Photos David Arous & Anna Ellouk


  • Isabelle Ryl, Vice-présidente Intelligence Artificielle de l’Université PSL, Directrice de PRAIRIE
  • Maya Noël, Directrice générale de France Digitale
  • Alain Fuchs, President of Université PSL
  • Eduard Kaminski, President of Université Paris Cité

The impact of AI on sciences

Moderator: Stéphanie Allassonnière

  • Nicholas Ayache, Research Director Inria, member of Académie des Sciences, Scientific Director of 3IA Côte d’Azur
  • Anne-Marie Lagrange, Research Director CNRS, astrophysicist Observatoire de Paris, member of Académie des Sciences
  • Stéphane Mallat, Prof. Collège de France, member of Académie des Sciences
  • Marie-France Mamzer, Professor of Ethics and Legal Medicine, Univ. Paris Cité


Moderator: Jean-Baptiste Masson

  • Lourdes de Agapito Vicente, Prof. UCL and co-founder of SYnthesia Technologies
  • Philippe Aghion, Prof. College de France, INSEAD, and LSE
  • Sriram Krishnan, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz
  • Marc Raibert, Executive director of The AI Institute and founder of Boston Dynamics
  • Bernard-Louis Roques, General Partner, Truffle Capital

Future of AI

Moderator: Jean Ponce

  • Francis Bach, Research Director Inria, member of Académie des Sciences
  • Daniel Cremers, Director of the Munich Center for Machine Learning and Chair of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence at TU Munich, member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences
  • Michael Jordan, Research director at INRIA, member of the US National Academy of Sciences, and Foreign Member of the Royal Society
  • Yann LeCun, Vice-President and Chief AI Scientist META AI, Prof. NYU, member of the US National Academy of Sciences, member of the Académie des Sciences, 2018 ACM Turing Award Laureate
  • Cordelia Schmid, Research Director Inria, member of the German Leopoldina Academy of Sciences


Moderator: Isabelle Ryl

  • Antoine Bordes, Vice President Artificial Intelligence – Helsing
  • Luc Julia, Scientific Director of Renault
  • Xavier Lazarus, Co-founder and Managing Partner at ELAIA
  • Cédric O, Board member Artefact, Co-founder Mistral AI, former Secretary of State for digital affairs
  • Stéphanie Schaer, Interministerial Director of the Digital (DINUM)

Generative AI

Moderator: Jamal Atif

  • Joelle Barral, Senior Director of Research & Engineering at Google DeepMind
  • Anne Bouverot, Co-founder, Fondation Abeona “Championing Responsible AI”
  • Laurent Daudet, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, LightOn
  • Benoit Sagot, Research Director INRIA, Collège de France, opensquare
  • Jean-Philippe Vert, Chief R&D Officer at Owkin and Co-founder at Bioptimus


  • Isabelle Ryl, Vice-présidente Intelligence Artificielle de l’Université PSL, Directrice de PRAIRIE
  • Jean Ponce, Directeur scientifique de PRAIRIE

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