waldspurger [at] ceremade.dauphine.fr

Short bio

I prepared a PhD at École Normale Supérieure de Paris, on phase retrieval and scattering transforms, under the supervision of Stéphane Mallat. I defended in 2015, then spent one year as a post-doc at MIT, mentored by Philippe Rigollet. Since then, I am a CNRS researcher.

Topics of interest

Non-convex optimization, inverse problems, scattering transform

Project in Prairie

It is known that simple non-convex algorithms can sometimes efficiently solve a priori difficult problems, like phase retrieval. This phenomenon has been rigorously explained under strong statistical assumptions only. I would like to understand better under which circumstances it happens. Another direction of research I would like to pursue is to study the links between the low layers of learned convolutional networks and the scattering transform.