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Virtual workshop “Leveraging Observational Data With Machine Learning”


Virtual workshop “Leveraging Observational Data With Machine Learning”

22/06/2021 - 23/06/2021

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The objective of this workshop is to …

  • … bring together main actors working with observational or real-world data, and developing biostatistics and machine learning models for causal inference
  • … present the state of the art in dynamic treatment regime (DRT)
  • … highlight the complementarity of using both Structural Causal Model and Potential Outcome point of views
  • … present the possibilities offered by real word data and by the integration of real word data and RCTs
    • Validate observational studies
    • Generalize the treatment effect in a target patient population
    • Better estimate the (heterogeneous) effects
    • Handle unobserved confounders
    • Help better designing RCT with better external validity
  • … discuss about which real word data should be collected
  • … promote collaboration between the different actors

More information can be found here.