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Charting Digital sovereignty


Inria Paris, Salles Jacques Louis Lions – RDC du bâtiment C

Presentation by Roberto Baldoni (Central director – Italian National Cybersecurity Agency)

This presentation on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and “sovereign” strategies for Europe is open to all, upon registration.

Abstract : 

In the contemporary digital era, nations face unprecedented challenges that test their resilience, security, and sovereignty. From the pervasive threat of cyberattacks to the strategic significance of microprocessor development and the restructuring of technological supply chains, the questions of how to secure a skilled workforce, counter disinformation, enhance transparency in software supply chains, and prepare for the quantum computing era are critical. These issues highlight the complexity of navigating the digital landscape amidst the wave of disruptive digital transformation.
This talk, drawing on the insights of a pivotal book entitled “Charting digital sovereignty: a survival playbook”, explores the uncharted territories at the intersection of geopolitics, national security, and globalization, propelled by digital technology. It introduces a novel concept of digital sovereignty, a dynamic benchmark that prioritizes individuals, data, and digital technologies. This concept is vital for nations aiming to leverage the economic opportunities presented by information technology with the minimum risk.
We will discuss the strategic methodology for managing digital sovereignty, addressing threats such as cyberattacks, disinformation, supply chain vulnerabilities, hostile AI, quantum computing, predatory acquisitions, and workforce shortages. The talk outlines a reference architecture designed to confront these threats, offering guidance for nations to recognize, anticipate, and mitigate risks effectively.
Featuring case studies from the USA, China, the EU, and Italy, the presentation  emphasizes the importance of vigilant monitoring and strategic adjustments in response to technological, geopolitical, or supply chain shifts, offering a comprehensive guide for governments evaluating their threat landscape and crafting strategies to achieve digital sovereignty.

Biography Roberto Baldoni

Roberto Baldoni served as the inaugural General Director of Italy’s National Cybersecurity Agency (ACN). Prior to this, he spent four years as the Deputy General Director of Italian Intelligence. With over two decades of experience as an esteemed researcher in “secure and reliable distributed systems” and Professor of Computer Science at Sapienza University of Rome, he has been a key figure in shaping Italy’s cybersecurity landscape. His main contributions, as high government official, include architecting the designing of the Italian Cybersecurity Architecture (decree law 82/2021), the “National Security Perimeter for Cyber” law, the “Italian Cybersecurity Strategy for 2022-2026” and, most importantly, he set the ACN up and made it operational in a few weeks in a very complex geopolitical landscape.