Partner initiatives

Initiative “IA et Societé”

Interdisciplinary initiative aimed at decyphering AI’s impact on society

The AISI is coordinated by Aïda Elamrani and Thierry Poibeau.

Since AI is a technical and complex field, it is often entrusted to the sole hands of computer scientists. However, the consequences of its applications fall under much more varied expertises (psychology, law, philosophy, etc.). It is therefore absolutely necessary to carry out multidisciplinary analyzes of the problems AI raises. This is why the initiative “AI and society” brings together researchers from different disciplines, in order to combine their perspectives and bring out more innovative, more detailed and more profound answers to the questions posed by the new uses of AI.

The initiative aims for the advancement of knowledge in the field of AI ethics, mainly through the following actions:

  • Combining pluridisciplinary expertises to analyse the issues raised by AI progress, and to anticipate future developments.
  • Training to decypher the challenges of the digital transformation.
  • Organizing meetings to inform and educate the general public on major questions raised by the new uses of artificial intelligence.

Podcast Ex Machina

The podcast of the University of Paris Dauphine – PSL on artificial intelligence

The Ex Machina podcast discusses the impact of artificial intelligence and algorithms through the expertise of researchers from the University of Paris Dauphine – PSL, in fields as varied as computer science, sociology of work, marketing, environmental sciences, etc. 

The COGAI seminar

When Cognitive Sciences Meet Artificial Intelligence

Inspired by the creation of new algorithms, increased computing power and the development of deep learning techniques, Artificial Intelligence has developed ever more powerful technical systems, including robots, conversational agents and brain-computer interfaces. At the same time, inspired by those same advances in Machine Learning and AI, the field of Cognitive Science has made leaps and bounds in understanding and modeling human behavior, including human motion, human language, and the human brain. It is too rare today it that the fields of AI and CogSci join in a dialogue to together develop better methodologies and produce better results, both in understanding human behavior, and in building systems that interact with humans.

This seminar aims to open that dialogue between the fields of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence. Speakers may come from one field or the other, but all will use this opportunity to reflect on how a pairing between the two fields can be stronger than the sum of the parts. We hope you will join us in building a common language, and a common understanding of the grand societal challenges we face today, and that together we can conquer.

The DHAI seminar

When Digital Humanities Meet Artificial Intelligence

Fostered by the creation of new algorithms, computation power and the development of deep learning techniques, Artificial Intelligence needs constantly to confront new issues and data sets in order to deepen its methodologies and increase its range of scientific applications. Digital humanities, developing digital science methodologies in the study of humanities and using the critical approaches of humanities in the analysis of the contemporary “digital revolutions”, are constantly in search of new tools to explore more and more complex and diversified data sets.

The coupling AI/DH is globally emerging as one key interface for both domains and will probably prove to be a deep transformative trend in tomorrow intellectual world.

The ambition of this seminar is to be one of the places where this coupling is shaped, fostered and analyzed. It intends to offer a forum where both communities, understood in a very inclusive way, exchange around emerging issues, ongoing projects, and past experiences in order to build a common language, a shared space, and to encourage innovative cooperation on the long run.