Colloquium PR[AI]RIE

Innovation through healthcare data at Greater Paris University Hospital (AP-HP)


Speaker: Christel Daniel


Pathologist (MD) with PhD in biomedical informatics, associate director at Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) in charge of AP-HP clinical terminologies and of data-driven research and innovation (reuse of AP-HP real-world big data (AP-HP Clinical Data Repository (CDR), and clinical research data). Primary areas of research are clinical informatics, clinical research informatics, semantic interoperability. Past co-chair of IHE Anatomic Pathology domain. Member of DICOM WG26, HL7 France, HL7 Pathology SIG and CDISC France. Co-editor of the Clinical Research Informatics section of the IMIA yearbook.


Greater Paris University Hospital (AP-HP) is a globally recognized university hospital center with a European dimension welcoming more than 10 million patients in its 39 hospitals: in consultation, in emergency, during scheduled hospitalizations or in hospitalization at home. AP-HP is committed to a proactive policy of accelerating the use of clinical data collected during clinical care. Developing AI-powered decision aids is one of the major component towards Learning Health System: a system able to learn and improve from its data. With the constant concern of improving the health and well-being of citizens, the challenge is to integrate to promote digital innovations with demonstrated impact on clinical outcomes at an acceptable cost. The directions of  Clinical Research and Innovation and of Information System are offering tools and services to a broad set of users supporting piloting, research and innovation activities. Supported by an institutional secured and high-performance cloud, the AP-HP data space integrates a large amount of massive healthcare data collected during both routine clinical care and research activities that can be leveraged for secondary use. The major component of the AP-HP data space is the AP-HP Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW) (https://, first CDW authorized by the French Data Protection Authority, enabling the processing of deidentified health data from more than 10 million patients to facilitate research, improve the health system, make it more efficient and more personalized. More than 130 research projects, authorized by the AP-HP Institutional Review Board, have been conducted or are running on the AP-HP healthcare data (observational studies, development and external validation of AI/ML algorithms) including 63 projects related to the COVID-19 pandemic. New services aiming at leveraging EHR data to accelerate Clinical Research with EHR data are under construction.