Mishra Shrey

PhD Student

L’Ecole normale supérieure - PSL

Shrey.Mishra [at] ens.fr

Short bio

Manipal University (India, BTech)

Cesi school of Engineering (Software majors, Ecole de engineer)

Munster Technological University (MSc Artificial Intelligence)

Thesis title

Extracting information related to the Scientific Articles published and making a knowledge base out of it, with the application of various AI / Machine learning based techniques.

Short abstract

Every years thousand’s of scientific papers are published in the academia covering various scientific proofs theorems and relations in a form of a Pdf document. I am enrolled in a TheoremKb (A project led by Pierre Senellart) to extract information from the scientific articles while training Machine learning models to identify / relate various documents together based upon the information expressed in the article (including the mathematical proof’s).