GODARD Charlotte

PhD Student

Institut Pasteur

charlotte.godard [at] pasteur.fr

Short bio

  • Engineer degree – Telecm Physique Strasbourg
  • Master degree in Imaging, Robotics and Engineering for Healthcare – University of Strasbourg

Thesis title

Semi-automatic and amortized developments of transfer function for surgery planning in virtual reality.

Short abstract

Interpretation of medical images, such as MRI or CT-scan, can be challenging for a non-radiologist expert because of the various image quality and of the similarities between different structures of interest. However, surgeons need to understand these images to prepare surgeries and define corresponding anatomical landmarks. As universal segmentation is not possible due to the diversity of images between patients, we focused on the optimization of the visualization process applied only on the raw data. The AVATAR MEDICAL platform uses virtual reality for an intuitive visualization and manipulation of the images. Visualization parameters (color, transparency) are currently defined manually using an user-friendly transfer function desktop interface. The objective of the thesis is to automate the transfer function generation for a faster isolation of the structures of interest in the image, by combining a statistical approach and pre-trained models.