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Dr. Eloi Marijon is a cardiovascular and cardiac electrophysiology specialist, heading the Cardiac Electrophysiology Section at the European Georges Pompidou hospital in Paris. He is Professor of Cardiology at Paris City University, Senior Researcher at the Paris Cardiovascular Research Center (INSERM U970, Cardiovascular Epidemiology), and codirects the Paris Sudden Death Expertise Center (SDEC).

Topics of interest & Project in Prairie

Research Program on Artificial Intelligence Applied to Cardiac Rhythm Disorders and Sudden Cardiac Death.


Because efforts to improve prediction of individuals at long-term risk for sudden cardiac death (SCD) have been disappointing so far, we started an alternative approach aiming at pre-emptive risk stratification and prevention of SCD. We have focused on sentinel events preceding SCD, in light of recent advances in communication and remote transmission technologies, to eventually better identify patients at high risk of short-term SCD. Our main hypothesis is that it is possible to determine a high-risk group of subjects at risk of imminent SCD. Application of AI to continuous device monitoring of patients at high of ventricular fibrillation would allow the identification of a particular pattern prior the occurrence of the fatal event. National Consortium (DAI-PP program, centralized at HEGP) has just been initiated with a 5-year enrollment and a planed 10-year follow-up of 10000 patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillator and remote continuous monitoring. In addition, systematic collection of digital EKG in the field has been initiated part of the ongoing prospective Paris-Sudden Death Expertise Center registry, which collect all SCD since May 15, 2011 in the Great Paris Area. A better understanding of the electrical signal dynamics prior to the occurrence of ventricular fibrillation would allow a better triage and identification of high-risk patients.


BARRA Sérgio
BARRA Sérgio
Postdoctoral researcher
MD PhD (Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto)