PhD student


ricardo-jose.garcia-pinel [at]

Short bio

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunication Technologies and Services, Technical University of Madrid (UPM)
  • Master of Science in Telecommunication Engineering, Technical University of Madrid (UPM)

Thesis topic

Learning visuomotor policies for robotic manipulation and navigation.

Short abstract

Current industrial robots are mostly restricted to predefined tasks in controlled environments and are lacking the ability to adapt to new settings. Hence, the use of robots in cluttered and changing environments where the robot is required to adapt behaviors during task execution presents a major challenge. Existing methods rely on hand-engineered methods which typically overfit to a particular setting and need to be re-designed for every new task and environment. To deal with those challenges, future robots should be equipped with advanced perception coupled with control enabling navigation and manipulation in previously unseen and dynamically changing environments. The scientific objective of this thesis is to design, develop and evaluate new models and algorithms for learning visuomotor policies for goalconditioned robotic manipulation and navigation.