Dialogue & HCI

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Justine Cassell

Short bio

Professor and former Associate Dean, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University (2010-). Chaire Blaise Pascale and Chaire Sorbonne (2017-2018). On leave from CMU, at Inria since fall 2019. ACM Fellow (2017), Fellow Royal Academy of Scotland (2016), AAAS Fellow (2012), Anita Borg Women of Vision Award (2009). AAMAS test-of-time award (2017). Chair, World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Robotics & Smart Devices (2011-2014). Since January 2021 a member of CNNUM (Conseil National du Numérique) – French National Digital Council.

Topics of interest

Natural language processing, human-computer interaction, autonomous and virtual agents, social AI

Project in Prairie

Justine Cassell will address issues at the intersection of NLP, AI, Cognitive Science, and Human-Computer Interaction, employing methods from each of these traditions, and developing new interdisciplinary methods. Her goal is to develop theories, architectures, algorithms, and implementations of embodied conversational agents capable of engaging people in natural dialogue, including both task and social components, language and non-verbal behavior. She will participate in the PSL AI graduate school.


There is a need for a more human-centered design of AI systems so that they may act as partners and teammates to people rather than their replacements. My work in Social AI attempts to address these design challenges by basing AI agent behavior on a close study of human collaboration and teamwork, thereby working towards fulfilling their societal promise, as well as advancing fundamental areas of AI as diverse as natural language generation and transparency in machine learning.