PhD student


alafate.abulimiti [at] inria.fr

Short bio

  • Master degree in Big Data Management and Analytic, University of Tours
  • Engineer degree in Computer Science, Polytech Tours
  • Bachelor degree in Applied Physics, Beijing Institute of Technology

Thesis title

The role of rapport in human-conversational agent interaction: Modeling conversation to improve task performance in human-agent interaction.

Short abstract

Human interaction is a complex process, and understanding and structuring the dynamics of the conversation is a necessary step to produce a virtual agent capable of interacting as a social agent. The rapport is a very important factor in the design of social agents. The social agent chooses the proper conversational actions according to the verbal and non-verbal characteristics of the interlocutor in order to maintain or increase the level of rapport while performing a specific task. During the doctoral program, I will use the decision system supported by game theory and deep reinforcement learning to build different models. Then, by using different metrics, I will evaluate whether the addition of these models can improve agent performance.