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Pr[AI]rie-PSAI laureate of the Cluster IA Program


Pr[AI]rie-PSAI laureate of the Cluster IA Program

PR[AI]RIE - Paris School of AI (PR[AI]RIE-PSAI) project, led by PSL Research University in partnership with Université Paris Cité, CNRS, Inria and Institut Pasteur, has been awarded €75M from the Cluster IA Program, a key initiative of the France2030 strategy aimed at strengthening AI research and education.

The results have been announced by President at the Elysée Palace on 21 May.


  • The project is planned to be launched in September 2025 and it will build on the success of the PRAIRIE Institute, established in 2019.
  • It aims to position France as a global leader in AI research, education, and innovation.
  • It offers a comprehensive curriculum from undergraduate to doctoral studies, including innovative interdisciplinary programs.
  • It focuses on cutting-edge research, increasing the number of AI-focused theses, and expanding into new disciplines, including Humanities and Arts.
  • It promotes entrepreneurship with the goal of creating 50 new deep tech startups by 2030.

This is a major milestone fo AI Excellence in France!
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