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Céline Beji, one of the winners of i-PhD competition


Céline Beji, one of the winners of i-PhD competition

Launched in 2019 by the government in partnership with BPI France, i-PhD is a competition that aims to attract doctoral students and young PhDs to promote their work with a view of creating Deeptech start-ups. For its 4th edition, 50 young PSL researchers have been rewarded, including 6 from PSL University. They will benefit from 12 months of support to explore their research subject from a completely different angle.

Céline Beji leads the MyTreatment project, which originates from the LAMSADE laboratory, Dauphine – PSL, and is supported by PSL Valorisation.

Every year, the number of detected cancer cases increases, as do the treatment options available to deal with them, such as surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapies. All these treatments have the disadvantage of having serious side-effects and being very costly, but above all they have variable effects depending on the individual. The challenge is to find the most appropriate treatment for each patient, using personalised medicine. MyTreatment proposes to put the latest advances in causal inference at the service of doctors, by creating tools to help them prescribe anti-cancer treatments on an individualised basis.

Congratulations Céline!

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