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“AI for biomedical imaging” working group in “Le Monde”


“AI for biomedical imaging” working group in “Le Monde”

In the article published in the Science & Medicine (supplement of “Le Monde”) the inter 3IA institutes working group on "IA for biomedical imaging” composed of representatives of 3IA Côte d’Azur, MIAI@Grenoble Alpes and PR[AI]RIE, proposes its view on the future of medical imaging thanks to AI.

Medicine has been a major field of experimentation for artificial intelligence from the start. Nowadays the potential of AI is proven, but the tools are not widely used in the medical environment.

While AI holds the promise of major advances in medical imaging, its use requires multidisciplinary thinking, argue researchers in applied mathematics, computer science, physics, neuroscience and medical science. Rather than fearing that doctors will be replaced by artificial intelligence, a question should be asked what kind of services we want to delegate to AI.

What are the obstacles to the wider deployment of AI in healthcare, and where do research efforts lie? Read more in the article.