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The National Digital Council publishes its first report


The National Digital Council publishes its first report

While the use of digital tools has greatly intensified in recent years, the unprecedented lockdowns of the past year have reinforced their omnipresence. The first theme addressed by the National Digital Council concerns the place of knowledge in the digital empowerment of citizens.

Recently the Council has published its first report on the topic. This work was led among others by Justine Cassell, PRAIRIE chair and a newly elected member of the French National Digital Council.

Justine Cassell says: “Digital tools are great for school education, where they complement traditional methods, and also for learning outside of school. What is often overlooked is that the very use of digital technology is a form of learning in itself, as it can enable peer-to-peer work. To benefit more, it is important to have a good digital culture and access to technologies that allow collective work. Thanks to this, we reduce the risk that the digital revolution will transform citizens into consumers of services, enslaved to technology.”

Read the press release and full report (in French).