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Face Au Virus initiative


Face Au Virus initiative

Face Au Virus is an open scientific initiative launched by researchers from Université PSL (Dauphine - PSL, ENS - PSL , MINES Paris Tech - PSL), CNRS and Inria, accompanied by a sponsorship from the company Emerton Data, with the objectives to contribute to general information on the Covid-19 outbreak as well as to help defining public policies for crisis management.

A key issue addressed by Face Au Virus is how to leverage mobility data in the modeling of the outbreak dynamics.  To complement the health data provided by public authorities, the Initiative gathers additional data, provided by private companies (including Facebook and Roofstreet), which enable the monitoring of the evolution of mobility according to its various characteristics.

Face Au Virus pays great attention to ensure that the use of data is carried out with respect for fundamental rights and freedoms and in no way aims to identify individual behavior.  The initiative does not collect any personal data and only processes statistical summaries of mobility data.

More information (in French):

Reduction of movement between departments, compared to the reference level of each department
Number of trips between departments recorded daily
Evolution of the sedentary index in Paris and in the provinces
Variations in departmental populations,
focus on departments where the largest decreases have been recorded
Evolution of co-location between different French departments
Evolution of the sedentary index in certain European countries