Andrei Zinovyev


Computational biology

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Short bio

Senior permanent researcher at Institut Curie and a scientifi c coordinator of Computational Systems Biology of Cancer group inside the Bioinformatics department (2005-). Postdoctoral fellow at Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifi ques (IHES) (2001-2005). Habilitation in biology at Ecole Normale Superieur in Paris (2014).

Topics of interest

Machine Learning, Unsupervised learning, High-dimensional geometry, Omics data, Mathematical Modeling, Cancer biology

Project in Prairie

Andrei Zinovyev will focus on developing and adapting methods for learning latent spaces and structures in high-dimensional data, with principal applications to the biomedical data analysis. The main research line inside PRAIRIE will be on learning representations of multi-omics and single cell data. Andrei Zinovyev will implement a teaching course on applications of machine learning in molecular oncology.


Modern datasets in biology and medicine contain millions of objects (patients, biopsies, tumors, cells) characterized by hundreds of thousands of features such as expression of genes and proteins, properties of DNA or concentration of metabolites. How to use these data in order to make discoveries in biology or propose a better disease treatment? We can learn a lot by investigating the corresponding high-dimensional data point clouds, whose intrinsic geometry is shaped by biological processes, experimental designs and technical biases and is aff ected by the heterogeneity and uncertainty of molecular measurements. With machine learning methods allowing us to explore complex multidimensional data structures, one can tackle the problem of extracting the most relevant part of the information contained in omics data and using it further in the most effi cient way.


Private: BAC Jonathan
Private: BAC Jonathan

PhD student

PhD Student

PhD student