PhD student


samaran [at]

Short bio

  • Ingénieur Civil des Mines de Paris  – Mines ParisTech (Master’s degree in Science and Executive Engineering)
  • Master 2 – Mathématiques, Vision & Apprentissage – ENS Paris-Saclay (MVA Master’s degree)

Thesis topic

Methods for single-cell multimodal integration.

Short abstract

Recent technological advances allow biologists to profile multiple modalities (e.g. gene expression, DNA methylation, chromatin accessibility, etc.) from a single cell. However, such data are still rare and most of the existing single-cell multi-modal data are profiled from different cells (i.e. unpaired data). My project aims at developing integrative dimensionality reduction approaches for unpaired multimodal data (i.e. a collection of monomodal data sets) that are adapted to single-cell data. This tool will enable to cluster cells based on their multimodal similarities, to extract markers from the different modalities and to transfer annotations from one data set to another.