ROQUES Bernard-Louis

Short Bio

Bernard-Louis Roques is a Pioneer in European FinTech & Insurtech.
Launched Truffle Capital’s FinTech Incubator in 2015, Early Stage fund in 2018, and Scaleups fund in 2023.
Truffle Capital has 1bn€ AUM, 100 investments & 14 IPOs, with 22 investments in fintechs and insurtech.
Board Member of Finance Innovation (French governmental agency dedicated to Fintech), ACSEL (French digital economy agency). Repeat entrepreneur, co-founded Truffle Capital after selling his robotics company. Started as bond trader @ HSBC. Author of the « Truffle 100 » (research on software) & the « Fintech 100 » (research on Fintech). MBA from ESSEC Business School and ACE from MIT.