Medical Image Computing

ninon.burgos [at] icm-institute.org

Ninon Burgos

Short bio

Ninon Burgos is a CNRS researcher in the ARAMIS Lab (Brain and Spine Institute – ICM). She received three travel awards to attend major international conferences (2013, 2015, 2016), a postdoctoral fellowship from Campus France and the Marie Curie Actions (2016), a prize for the best publication in Physica Medica (2017), and the Cor Baayen Young Researcher Award 2019.

Topics of interest

Medical imaging, computer-aided diagnosis, machine learning

Project in Prairie

Ninon Burgos will focus on the individual analysis of medical images to improve differential diagnosis and strengthen personalised medicine. This project will involve developing advanced computational representations of multimodal imaging data and building flexible decision support systems. The framework will be applied to brain images to assist in the diagnosis of neurological diseases.


Neuroimaging offers an unmatched description of the brain, which explains
its crucial role in the understanding and diagnosis of neurological disorders. There is a critical need to develop new methods that can improve the characterisation of each patient’s pathology, and to build decision support systems more sensitive and easier to interpret.