Karthikeyan Barghavan

BHARGAVAN Karthikeyan


karthikeyan.bhargavan [at] inria.fr

Short bio

Research director, Inria Paris (2015-). Researcher, Inria Paris (2009-2015). Researcher, Microsoft Research UK (2004-2009). Recipient of ERC Consolidator Grant (2016) and ERC Starting Grant (2010). Awarded EC Horizon Impact Award (2019), Prix Jeune Chercheur Inria–Académie des sciences (2016), Microsoft Research Outstanding Collaborator Award (2016), Levchin Prize for Real World Cryptography (2016).

Topics of interest

Programming Languages, Software Verification, Applied Cryptography, Security Protocol Design and Analysis

Project in Prairie

Karthikeyan Bhargavan’s research lies at the intersection of programming languages, software verification, and applied cryptography. He will work on developing efficient cryptographic protocols and high-assurance software for privacy-preserving machine learning algorithms. In collaboration with AI researchers, he seeks to design new programming language abstractions and verification tools that can enable developers to build formally verified AI applications that provide built-in security and privacy guarantees. He will also teach courses on cryptographic protocols and high-assurance software development at MPRI and PSL.


Machine learning systems are notoriously hungry for data, and often this
data is personal and private. How do we then build impactful AI applications that can be used in sensitive areas like medicine and transportation without violating the privacy of our users? The answer lies in building in security and privacy enhancing mechanisms as essential components of AI systems and formally proving that these mechanisms meet strong security requirements. In my team, we design programming languages and verification tools that can help build high-assurance security-oriented software. Our next research challenge is to create provably secure software that also learns, but preserves user privacy.


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WALLEZ Théophile
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