BEJI Céline

Céline Beji is a researcher in personalised medicine and the founder & CEO at MyTreatment.  Her innovative work at Université Paris Cité uses causal inference in healthcare to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and its practical application in medical practice. After completing her PhD at Université Paris Dauphine PSL as a member of the Machine Learning team, she furthered her expertise by completing a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Deeptech Innovation at Mines Paris PSL. With MyTreatment, she aims to revolutionise the way cancer treatments are prescribed and make personalised medicine accessible to patients worldwide. Her contributions have been supported by several grants (PSL, PÉPITE Île-de-France), and she has received the i-PhD 2023 award from BpiFrance, which promotes and supports young innovative researchers with entrepreneurial projects in the field of breakthrough technologies.