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Jean-Paul Laumond

Short bio

Directeur de Recherche CNRS (DRCE2), President-CEO Kineo CAM (2000-2002), IEEE Fellow (2007), Professor at Collège de France (2011-2012), ERC Adv. Grant (2014-2018), Member of Academy of Technology (2015), IEEE Inaba Technical Award for Innovation Leading to Production (2016), Member of Academy of Sciences (2017).

Topics of interest

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Robot-Ethics

Project in Prairie

Jean-Paul Laumond will explore the link between AI as data science with robotics as motion science. Recent advances in machine learning offer a promising route toward constructing robot control models from experience. The challenge is to prove that these new paradigms fit the constraints imposed by machine certification (reliability). Jean-Paul Laumond also intends to address Robot Ethics domain in collaboration with linguists. He will participate in the PSL AI graduate school.


Today AI technologies succeed better to play chess or go than to make a bipedal robot walking. Robots are moving machines subject to gravity. Robotics challenges AI to account for the laws of physics. It makes a big difference with games. How the recent advances in AI in general and machine learning in particular may benefit to the control of complex physical systems? Answering the question requires to develop a pluridisciplinary approach combining computer science based AI and control theory. The ultimate goal being to launch a motion science to provide robots with motion intelligence.