Thibeau-Sutre Elina

PhD Student

Paris Brain Institute

elina.ts [at]

Short bio

Master degree (Diplôme d’ingénieur) at Ecole des Mines de Paris

Master degree in bio medical engineering (ESPCI, Université Paris Descartes, Arts et Métiers)

Thesis title

Unsupervised learning from neuroimaging data to identify disease subtypes in Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders.

Short abstract

The objective of my PhD thesis is to develop and evaluate clinically-relevant approaches for unsupervised learning to characterize disease heterogeneity in AD and related dementias. Specific objectives include: 1) To adequately account for normal variability. For instance, in a clustering approach, the aim would be to cluster the deviations from normal variability, rather than the raw characteristics of the patients. 2) To design approaches that can handle the structure and high-dimensionality of data of neuroimaging data. 3) To define clinically-relevant measures to assess the results of the unsupervised learning.